Our patented technology processes, recycles, and transforms virtually any waste

INENTEC's PEM system

Transforming biomass, hazardous waste, industrial non-hazardous waste, medical waste, and municipal solid waste by breaking down its molecules into elemental building blocks.

Unlike other gasifiers, PEM technology economically recovers the value from waste without combustion or incineration. We achieve this by passing materials through a chamber that holds a plasma arc and a molten glass bath to rearrange the atoms of virtually any type of waste, transforming it into useful products and enabling re-use.

Transforming waste without combustion

Our patented PEM system uses a unique combination of DC plasma arc with AC molten glass to provide an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-sound process for converting waste materials into ultra-clean synthesis gas (syngas).

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Creating green building materials and other industrial products

Produces syngas and recycled products

We have built a highly-commercial system with the flexibility to produce a wide range of products including syngas.

Syngas is used to produce chemical and fuel products such as ethanol, methanol, or hydrogen; the building blocks for environmentally responsible, renewable fuels and energy.

The solids left behind are metals and environmentally-friendly vitrified glass (Synglass™), which may be used to create green building materials and other industrial products.

Vitrified glass or Synglass™ is a non-leachable glass that can safely contain any inorganic waste not processed through the system, so it can be disposed safely or can be transformed into other products such as sandblast and/or aggregates.

INENTEC Facilities

Case studies

INENTEC Columbia Ridge Facility
Case study: Waste-to-hydrogen facility

INENTEC Columbia Ridge's Model G100P PEM system, located at Waste Management landfill in Arlington Oregon, converts MSW into ultra-clean syngas, for further production of renewable hydrogen.

The facility is a first-of-its-kind waste-to-hydrogen facility that: 

  • Produces 1500 kg per day of renewable hydrogen. 
  • Processes 25 tons per day of various solid and liquid feedstock.
  • Provides merchant hydrogen gas for sale in to the US Pacific Northwest.

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Fuji Kaihatsu Limited

Case study: Adaptable feedstocks

INENTEC sold a Model G300 PEM to our clients Fuji Kaihatsu Ltd for processing wood and plastic waste, using the syngas to produce clean electricity. 

The facility began operation in 2002, however when Fuji’s business needs changed, they were able to easily adapt their PEM system to process electronic waste in order to extract precious metals such as gold and copper.

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