Today's waste, tomorrow's clean energy
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Waste solved.

INENTEC’s PEM gasifier technology safely transforms waste into clean fuels and other valuable, clean products.

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Solving the world's waste.

Plasma Enhanced Melter Technology (PEM) can end the “take-make-consume-waste” cycle by converting virtually any waste into clean fuels and valuable, recycled products in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.

Cutting-edge recycling.

Without any combustion or incineration, INENTEC's PEM systems outperform all regulatory and environmental standards, and produce virtually no air, water of ground pollution.

Expert design, real world proof.

Developed in coordination with MIT and the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories, PEM technology has been sustainably transforming waste for more than 20 years.

Cost-effective, clean products, fuels and energy.

INENTEC's PEM systems can transform waste into useful products, including syngas - a basic building block of clean energy, valuable chemicals, products, fuels and electricity.